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Spring Is In The Air! 7 Ways To Cleanse Your Space!


A joyous time of year to view the beautiful Cherry blossoms, but also cleanse your space!

"Hanami" in Japanese translates to "flower viewing." It's the ancient tradition of viewing and enjoy the beautiful and delicate Cherry Blossoms in Springtime. Also widely known by many as "Sakura Season."

This time of year in Japan is epic, locals, expats, and visitors from all around the world visit Japan just to view them! It's a big deal here because the blooms only last a few short weeks to months in varying parts of Japan. They bloom at different rates depending on their geographical location in the country. So if your thinking of booking a trip during prime blooming season, I highly recommend you research the specific cities your looking to visit and when the tree's will be in bloom. Because the blooms are so delicate and will fleet with the wind frequently, it's highly encouraged you visit or see them while you can! It's also important to follow Hanami etiquette. I found a great reference guide here from Japan Experience. Since Spring is in the air it's also a great time to...

Cleanse Your Space

Cleansing your space any time of year is always advised, especially if your feeling stagnant or cluttered within your life. However, Spring brings that little extra pep in the vibrational frequency that you didn't realize you need with your crazy work schedule after the holiday's, balancing every day life with family, kids, and friends. Sometimes are spaces can feel a little neglected, stagnant, or underwhelmed. That's where cleansing your space for Spring brings in the new, vibrant, and uplifting energy, that your space and family can always utilize.

Here's 7 Ways To Cleanse Your Space

1. Open Windows

On the first warm Spring day, nothing feels better than the thorough breeze that flows through your home! Opening windows cleanses your space of any old and stagnant energy in your home and flows out the window with the current - then clear, clean, and new air enters your home bringing in that new invigorating refreshed feeling of a new Spring and raised energetic vibration.

2. Light A Candle Or Three!

Lighting candles is a fantastic way to cleanse your space and invite a nice relaxing or fresh scent into your home. White candles are good auric and space cleansers. You will see them widely used in many sacred and healing spaces such as yoga studios, reiki practitioner spaces, offices, places of worship, and in homes. Through visualization, staring at the fire of the candle flame can also help you release any negative thoughts or feelings into the fire, and the white melted wax with a calming scent helps to cleanse, heal, and replenish your physical and energetic being in conjunction with your space.

3. Smudging

Ethically source your sage and palo santo from your local metaphysical or spiritual shop to support a local business in your community or responsibly source online and burn your herbs of choice to cleanse your space. White sage brings balance and and peace to your space. While Palo Santo wood will remove any negative energy in your home. Be sure to use a feather and abalone shell to waft the smoke into all the corners and small spaces within your home to cleanse the places that might not be within your reach. This will ensure your entire place gets cleansed thoroughly and effectively.

4. Deep Clean Your Home

Some old fashioned deep cleaning and elbow grease is just what your home doctor ordered! Giving your rooms a really good deep cleaning will not only leave you with clean rooms, spaces, and dust free! But it will also feel lighter and brighter for you and your entire family!

5. Incorporate Crystals

Bringing in crystals such as black onyx, hematite, selenite, citrine and rose quartz just to name a few... are a great way to bring in grounding, healing, and have a higher vibrational home.

Black Onyx - Dissipates negative energy. Stabilizes emotions for better decision making, and is very good for high traffic areas in your home to vet any negative energy or attachments brought in by others into your home. Truly, a great 'middleman' for energetically protecting your space and being.

Hematite - Very good for grounding, also promotes balance, cleansing, and clarity for your space and being. Known for being a very good feng shui stone within your home and is also said to aid in strong relationships, marriage, in which it invites more balance and support for you.

Selenite - One of the most powerful cleansing crystals you can utilize. It's highly known for clearing and cleansing the body, you space, and elevating your spirit. You can use this crystal to cleanse and charge your other crystals, utilize it for chakra work, and protecting your home space from negative energy. By placing a piece by every window it will post your energetic protective boundaries around your home. It's also a wonderful sleep aid! Simply place a piece by your pillow or under your bed to help earn a more restful night's sleep.

Citrine - Great for inviting that abundance that we all need, am I right?! Simply place your citrine in the Southeast corner of your home to invite wealth, increase vitality, and bring balance to the center of your home. You can also place this in your home office or where you save some money to aid in attracting more abundance monetarily into your home and career endeavors.

Rose Quartz- The magical crystal for welcoming a loving and happy energy into your home and family life. When placed in the center of your home or apartment it can enhance deep heart healing, compassion, and provide clarity and balance within your home and family dynamics. A wonderfully versatile crystal.

6. Salt Cleansing

Salt cleansing rituals are a simple and highly effective way to cleanse your space! In Japanese Shinto culture, salt is seen as a purity. A common Japanese practice of mori-shio, where you place a small pile of salt in the corners of rooms or around doorways to ward off negative energy is commonly practiced and observed today by many families. A personal favorite of mine and one that I find highly effective for energetic boundary protection as a professional practicing medium. This ritual is one I recommend often to my clients and highly intuitive individuals.

7. Declutter Your Clutter

A true and proven method to having a clear and inspirational space. By decluttering all of the clothes, unused appliances, or Target run finds you thought you needed will provide you the fresh atmosphere you've been seeking. A great way you can declutter is to donate or give back through humanitarian efforts for those in need and less fortunate. Homeless shelters, churches, fundraisers, and foundations are always looking to help others in anyway they can. It's a humble and fulfilling win win for your space, spirit, and your helping raise our beautiful planet's vibrational awareness by helping other amazing humans.

As I get older with each year (it can slow down anytime now haha) I have found that less is truly more. Working on living a minimalist lifestyle, will allow you to truly feel the clean, fresh, and invigorating environment you call your sacred, safe space. You will invite more present gratefulness into your life and find you don't really need all of the clutter you thought you did. While this blog post was all about inviting the Spring cleaning feeling and warm vibes into your home and environment.You can always create more space for living a truly fulfilling, authentic, and mindful life through any season. :)

I hope you have found this post useful, as you step into this gorgeous Spring of 2023. Please invite, save, or share with your loved ones and friends who you think will find this is just what their soul and space needs.

Happy Spring my sweet souls!




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