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A Mediumship Lifestyle Blog

Her Soul Travels: A Spiritual and Lifestyle Blog

Updated: May 10, 2023

A blog by Chelsea Gebhart of Love and Light Holistic Healing, LLC dedicated to all things spiritual, lifestyle, travel, and truly living a fulfilling life.

sakura season 2022
Chelsea Gebhart - Owner of Love & Light Holistic Healing, LLC.


It feels like it has taken an eternity to finally launch this bad boy! I originally was going to have my entire blog on a separate site, however I wanted it to be convenient as possible for you to access! Here you can find an in-depth and behind the scenes look into my journey, my passions, spiritual insight, and my hopes to inspire and connect with you on your personal journey.


This blog is an extension of my holistic health business because my business is not all of who I am! Below are the categories in which I hope you'll be able to explore, find connections, and discover more of a truly enriching life.


I wanted a safe and sacred space to explore and discuss spirituality, mediumship, psychic abilities, and areas where I personally have found that it's hard to find a lot of information on while I've been learning on my own journey. I believe every person on this planet offers an amazing and unique perspective to their own path that they create throughout their life. If you are like me who's constantly searching for the people or experiences that resonate and empathize with you on your spiritual awakening journey. Then this my sweet soul, is the category for you!


In these two categories you'll be able to gain a closer insight of my passions and what fuels my creative spirit! I love to adventure and learn new things, I'm a huge foodie at heart, cooking and baking are one of my favorite past times, I have a mug collection that my husband says I "need" to cut back on, I tend to fuel my body, mind, and spirit with the nutritious fuel it deserves, I'm obsessed with anti-aging and natural internal beauty/skincare, and I'm also a slight perfectionist when it comes to all of my creative projects endeavors. In this category you will find everything lifestyle related and yummy recipes you can share with friends and family!


I really wanted to create a place where you can find all of my travel tips, adventures, photos, and all the fun of traveling abroad and living in Japan. I hope this inspires you to take your adventures and visit all of the places you've been dreaming of. Let's turn those dreams into a reality, shall we?


Here you will find everything related to entrepreneurship of owning a small, work from home, spiritual business. I personally found there to be a lack of information as I began this wild and beautiful business venture, and my goal is to shed some light on the tools, tips, tricks, and nitty gritty information I've learned along the way. If my blog and business can help you on your journey then my friend, welcome to the full-time professional light worker community. :)


This category is all about Reiki energy healing and wellness for your mind, body, and spirit! I recently completed my Reiki Master Teacher Certification and I'm so excited to be bringing you more education and content with the amazing and deeply healing benefits of Reiki. In addition, I'll be adding posts to aid in your overall wellness journey. So if you are on a path to healthier you, then this is the spot for you!


I really wanted to construct a blog that extended from my every day work life of Love and Light Holistic Healing, hence Her Soul Travels was born! Here it allows me to connect with you more personally, express my passions, and enables my creative writings to flow from my finger tips. I believe it's really important to have your own creative space that resonates with you. The reason I believe this is important is that we all create and resonate with our unique passions in different ways, and I believe expressing your own self through your creative outlets is therapeutic for yourself and others.

What activities do you enjoy?

What sets your soul on fire and invokes your creative side?

Remember: You can do anything you set your mind towards.

If you've made it this far in my post, I want to thank you so much for reading my first official post. I'm so humbled and happy to have you here on my blog! Let me know if there's anything you'd love to see!




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