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Chelsea began her spiritual journey in 2011 after losing a close friend. A month later, she survived a potential head injury, due to her grandmother in spirit stepping in and protecting her. Later that night, she heard angels singing to her. It was then that she began the journey to spiritual awakening. 


Throughout the years, she experienced many spiritual encounters that sparked her curiosity to learn everything she could! In 2018, she learned Reiki Energy Healing and soon developed a higher calling with Divine source: mediumship. She channeled loved ones and light beings during Reiki sessions to deliver messages to their loved ones in addition to the energetic healing session she provided to her cherished clients. Then, she began receiving messages from family members of her co-workers at her "normal 9-5 job!" When she realized how she could assist others through healing, comfort, empowerment, and validation from spirit, she became a full-time medium. 

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Chelsea continues to grow and nurture her abilities today. She believes this is a lifelong journey dedicated to spreading God's light, her light, and ultimately encourages you to do the same! Allow your unique light to shine and embrace your own journey. Holistic healing is essential for the mind, body, and soul. Loved ones commonly convey this kind of affirmation and validation the most. They want you to live your life authentically and enrichingly. The experience of connecting with each and every client in her sessions truly humbles her. This is because she not only brings them messages of love, light, and healing, but she also learns from them as well. 

She currently resides in Japan with her husband. Her free time is spent traveling, cooking, baking, photographing her adventures, snuggling under a blanket with a good book, or freelancing.

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My purpose is to help you heal, grow, and assist your high vibin soul! My mission is to help you continue your journey of discovering and loving yourself. To empower you to trust your own process of your soul journey in this time and space. I believe each and every one of us has the ability to communicate with our own guides and loved ones. So if you are looking for someone who will resonate with you, empathize with your experiences, and are interested in receiving guidance and love from your spirit team & loved ones. Then let's work together on owning your divine light, activating your inner healer and master magician inside. 


I welcome you to an open and safe space, free of judgment and ego where we can effortlessly let our energies flow. During my sessions I allow Spirit to take the wheel and truly become the vessel or "medium" for their light to connect with you in the form they wish to do so. This allows you to let go of anything no longer serving your highest good and heal from the inside out. In addition, it enables you to gain confirmation, comfort, and validation that your loved ones and Spirit team wish to provide to you at that time.