I connect with your spirit guides, loved ones, ancestors, or angels who are with you every day guiding you on your own journey! They will then provide for me any guidance they are willing to give at this time in your life. 

This is a great session to choose if you are looking for a more personal, in-depth reading. Please feel free to bring any specific questions or topics you'd like to discuss during your reading.


*Disclaimer: Love and Light Holistic Healing cannot control what comes through to her. All sessions received per her disclaimer are for Entertainment Purposes Only.*


Learn more about Mediumship on the  FAQ page.


This will be done via email only. I let your angels decide how many cards will be chosen for your individual unique session. I will then ask your angels what specific messages they would like to offer as some quick guidance for you.

This session is for you if you're feeling stuck, lost, or curious and just looking for some guidance from your angels.  


This will be sent to you via email within 24-48 hours after your scheduled date/time of session booked.


A relaxing and effective energy healing session, from a distance. This includes checking your Chakras and keeping them balanced! A session can be completed over phone call or Zoom Video Conference.