How Mediumship works

Updated: May 3

Olivia has officially graduated to a big girl bed and it's safe to say she absolutely loves it! She has been sleeping on her Avocado Mattress for 2+ months now and felt it was time I could provide an honest review.

I first realized it was time to transition her out of her crib when I would wake up to loud thumps throughout the night and looked at her monitor to see the poor thing was rolling around and hitting her head on the crib rails! After one night of that, I surprised her the next day to pick out her bed. I really wanted to get her a full size bed so it would last her for a number of years, but after checking the dimensions of the bed she (we) picked out, I realized the full size wouldn't allow for much play space in her room, so decided to go with the twin. Now that the bed frame was ordered, it was time to pick out a mattress!