Let me bring you peace, comfort, validation, clarity, and manifestation into your everyday life. 


A little bit about me

Chelsea Gebhart

I’m Chelsea Gebhart, medium and empath. I believe in helping others any way possible by using my gifts to bring you peace, comfort, validation, clarity, and even manifestation into your everyday lives. Growing and healing is so important for the mind, body, and soul. Through a combination of mediumship, energy healing, and oracle card readings - I want to help you heal, grow and glow into your best light! By sharing this positive and beautiful experience, my wish for clients is to let go of things or situations that no longer serve them. Begin the process of living your true, honest, and best authentic life. You are so special and unique! Let’s connect, let me help you on your journey today!


My Misson

My mission is to help you connect with your spirit team and loved ones to receive any  guidance or messages for your highest and best good! To help heal, create, and inspire you to be the absolute best version of yourself on your own unique path and journey!


I connect with your spirit guides, loved ones, or angels who are with you every day guiding you on your own journey! They will then provide for me any guidance they are willing to give at this time in your life. 

This will be done via Email ONLY. I will pull cards asking your angels what specific messages they would like to offer as some quick guidance for you. This will be sent to you via email within 24-48 hours after booking your session.

A relaxing and effective energy healing session, from a distance. This includes checking your Chakras and keeping them balanced! Session can be completed over phone call or Zoom Video Conference. 


My session with Chelsea at Love & Light Holistic Healing was a wonderful experience. I randomly found her but I truly believe it wasn’t a coincidence. Chelsea’s energy is bright and her demeanor is relaxed and soothing. We discussed a few issues that were troubling me. Not only did she provide guidance but her insight was accurate and she gently put my concerns to rest. Chelsea has a gift and I highly recommend her services for anyone looking to workout in-depth matters from a holistic approach.




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