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 Hi Chelsea,

Upon receiving me angel card reading, my initial reaction was overwhelming with emotions that I started to cry.  Since I received it, I have been reading and meditating on it, to gain clarity. I initially was hoping for some guidance on a particular situation would come through.  Right before the scheduled reading, I set my intentions for the guides to pick up, but it just so happened, that I had someone from my past come forward that very day and he really stirred up my emotions. This individual can really get under my skin, and he shakes me up emotionally and affects my energy and peace tremendously for days. You picked up on this!


The reading was spot on about this very particular person. Everything you mentioned from my actual thoughts, the comments I have said to myself during that day, to my feelings were spelled out in your reading. Your energy is beautiful and pure. You are truly gifted, and I look forward to booking a zoom reading soon!  Thank you again for sharing your gift.

Yours truly,

- Liliana

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